Workers involved in constructing Mt Mee Road – early 1930s (ca)

Workers involved in constructing Mt Mee Road – early 1930s (ca)

The Brisbane Courier of 8th February 1933 reported “…The Northern Highway has been gazetted from Brisbane to Gympie, and its continuous construction carried out to a point at the north end of Mt. Mee, about 45 miles from the city, though a part or parts have been built beyond that place…”

Although surveys were completed in the mid-1920s construction did not begin on the Mt Mee Road until 1930.  A deputation to the Minister for Railways and Roads in August 1929 was advised that work would begin immediately and the Main Roads Commissioner reported that he intended to demonstrate the use of some new steam shovels on the work.

Lengthy and costly delays were caused by large landslides as a result of heavy rain in July 1930 and February 1931.  The road was completed towards the end of January 1933.  The Sunday Mail of 29th January 1933 reported “…besides providing valuable transport facilities for settlers it offers an alternative route for north-bound tourists who will be delighted by its many panoramic views of unsurpassed beauty…”

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