Williams Street Pedestrian Crossing

Williams Street Pesestrian Crossing

​The new pedestrian crossing in Williams Street near the Butcher’s is not the first pedestrian crossing there has been in Williams Street.  Sometime in the 1980s 

a pedestrian crossing was installed at the top end of Williams Street across from the Crown Hotel.  

​There has been various signage on that particular intersection over time.  In a 1990 photograph a Stop Sign can be seen on the left hand side.  This was later changed to a Give Way sign with a Stop Sign being erected on the McKenzie Street corner.

​Sometime in the mid-2000s things were changed again with a pedestrian refuge installed in Williams Street a little way down from the intersection.  

​For many years Silent Cops (traffic domes) were at the Williams Street T- intersection and at the intersection of Mt Mee Road and Williams Street.  Silent Cops were placed in the middle of street intersections to force drivers turning in or out of the street to be on the correct side of the road rather than cut the corner.

​It is hoped that the new pedestrian crossing in Williams Street and the reduced 40kph speed limit will make it safer for pedestrians and drivers alike.