Williams Street, Dayboro late 1970s (ca)

Williams Street, Dayboro late 1970s (ca)

At the Pine Shire Council meeting on 11th June 1935, the Chairman reported “…On the 5th June with No. 3 members and Mr. Stewart I inspected the concrete culvert at Dayboro just completed.  It is a fine job creditable to the contractor, a great improvement to the town and an asset to the Pine Council…”

When the culvert was being constructed, the corner post of the awning at the chemist shop had to be removed and the awning stayed to allow vehicles to detour down through the creek.  That building, built in 1929 and now occupied by Mill Creek Café, has been a chemist shop twice in its existence, firstly from the mid-1930s to the early 1940s and again from the late 1970s until about the mid to late 1980s.  

The concrete culvert with the footbridges either side was replaced in 2012 and the current bridge was opened on 1st December 2012.  Doreen Cruice, Dayboro’s oldest resident at the time, cut the ribbon with the assistance of Cr. Bob Millar.  The bridge was blessed by Pastor Richard Lance who said he had never blessed a bridge before.

Williams Street Bridge Blessing

The blessing of the bridge over Sugar Mill Creek in Williams Street, Dayboro by Pastor Richard Lance at its official opening by Division 11 Cr. Bob Millar on 1st December 2012.  The ribbon was cut by Miss Doreen Cruice, Dayboro’s oldest resident at the time, and morning tea was provided by Dan from Dayboro Deli & Country Kitchen.

“Almighty God, we thank you for the skill and art of civil engineers and hydrologists who have built this bridge and widened the creek channel.

May the bridge be an acted parable of Dayboro’s famed welcome and friendliness to those who live here, who work here and who visit for recreation.  May it keep safe those who cross it, and may the channel control the creek’s surging water in time of upstream flood.

May it be a conduit for prosperity and safe enjoyment in this lovely town, and for welcome and compassion flowing out from it.

We ask this, and your blessing on the new bridge, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen”