Williams Street, Dayboro between 1920 & 1924

Williams Street, Dayboro between 1920 & 1924

The Courier Mail of 21st September 1936 reported “…DAYBORO, Sunday:  Damage estimated at £1500 was done by a fire which destroyed the Excelsior theatre and a café early this morning. Mr. Charles Scanlan, sen., the owner of the premises, made a desperate attempt to save 15,000 feet of film from the burning theatre, but was forced back by the flames and smoke.

The fire was discovered by Mrs. Scanlan, but it had a good hold, and the volunteer bucket brigade concentrated on saving Mr. Scanlon’s large home about 20 ft. from the theatre.  The fire started in the vicinity of the stage and spread rapidly.  

The café was occupied by Mrs. C. Page, who will be a heavy loser, as improvements had been recently made to the shop.  Nothing was saved from either premises.  The hall and contents were insured.”

The Excelsior Hall, store and house were purchased by Charles Scanlan Snr. in April 1932 from the Estate of John Warburton who died on 9th May 1930.  John Warburton moved the Excelsior Hall into the town by December 1908 however its origins are unknown.  

The buildings can be seen in the middle of this photo taken between September 1920 and May 1924.