William Henry Rohlf

William Henry Rohlf – Special Constable 1894 Shearer’s Strike

The Queensland Police Gazette of 22nd September 1894 recorded quite a number of names of men who had been appointed Special Constables on 12th September 1894 because of the events that had arisen during the 1894 Shearers’ strike.  Quite a number of locals were amongst those appointed including George Heathwood, John Bond, Conrad Buhmann, William Bond, Rudolphus Cruice, William Rohlf, William Sellin, Gabriel Strain, William James Strain, Ludwig Lindenberg and John Lacey.   It is believed that all these men had been members of the North Pine Mounted Infantry which was formed in 1891 and which merged with the Moreton Mounted Infantry in 1892. 

The men, under the leadership of Sub-Inspector W.E. Parry-Oakden, travelled to Rockhampton by steamer and from Rockhampton to Longreach by train where they were met by men with a team of horses for them to ride to Winton.  It is not known how long the local men were in the west but it is known that Sub-Inspector Parry-Oakden returned to Brisbane in early December 1894.  The men were discharged from special service on 3rd September 1895.  William Henry Rohlf must have been proud of his involvement as a Special Constable to have had this painting done.