William Harold Tompkins Dayboro QATB

William Harold Tompkins Dayboro QATB Superintendent Early 1930s (ca)

            The Moreton Mail of 8th December 1933 reported “…Mr. Tomkins (former superintendent of the Dayboro Centre, Q.A.T.B.) and Mrs. Tomkins were entertained by friends in the Orange Hall, Dayboro…”

            William Harold Tomkins was the Superintendent of the Dayboro Q.A.T.B. Centre from July 1926 to November 1933.  This photograph shows him in front of the Dayboro Centre which was opened on 5th June 1922.  This building no longer exists thanks to white ants but the residence behind it is still there and now being used by Dayboro Out of School Hours Care. 

            St. Aidan’s Church of England is partially visible on its present site in McKenzie Street.  It was opened on 6th April 1930.  The original church which was further up McKenzie Street was destroyed in a storm in November 1929.

            In 1930 Dayboro Q.A.T.B. Centre purchased a new Willys Knight 70B motor vehicle to replace an Overland Six.  The body from Overland Six was changed over to the new vehicle.