Upper North Pine State School 1914

Upper North Pine State School 1914

The Brisbane Courier of 21st December 1914 reported “…The annual picnic and breaking-up ceremonies of the Upper North Pine School were held on December 11.  There was a large attendance of parents and friends.  The children were entertained with games and races, and the prizes were distributed by Mrs. Henzell.


 Class V:  Mary Hamilton, Connie Evans, IV: Violet Stubbings, Jane Kenman, Margaret Hamilton, Lexie Strain, R. Bond, D. Strain, W. Strain, H. Buhmann, III: May Cruice, II: Annie Keehn, Annie McClintock, Verah Rahe, Eva Buhmann, Maysie Hamilton, C. Keehn, A. Strain, I: Muriel McClintock, Lizzie Keehn, H. Storey; Sewing, Upper school, Mary Hamilton; lower school, Annie Keehn, Maysie Hamilton.”

This photo was taken earlier in 1914.  The teacher was Thomas Evans and Mrs. Henzell was the sewing teacher.  Several of the children are wearing black arm bands in remembrance of Annie Hamilton, aged 17, who died on 6th April 1914.  Four of her sisters are in the photo, Eliza centre back row, Mary far right back row, Maggie far right middle row and Mayzie far right front row.

Upper North Pine School opened in 1880 and closed in 1942.