Upper North Pine Relay Team – Australia Day 1937

Week 4 – 26th January 2017


Week 4 - 1937 Upper North Pine Relay Team(left to right) Unknown, Cecil Cruice, Ron Doyle, Morty Cruice

Can anyone identify the person on the left?

The second annual Foundation Day (Australia Day) inter-district swimming carnival and land sports in aid of the Dayboro Ambulance and CWA was held on Monday 1st February 1937, concluding with a ball in the evening.  Takings amounted to nearly £50 ($100).  Horse Events:  Figure Eight, won by F.E. Long, Flag Race: C. Cruice.  Swimming Events:  30 Yards Junior Championship, 16 and under: J. Cook, 60 Yards Senior District Championship:  M. Cruice Laceys Creek, Dive: J. Graham Mt. Pleasant, Long Dive and Underwater Event: A. Heathwood King Scrub,  Men’s Fancy Dive:  J. Graham, 60 Yards Visitors’ Championship; J. Gould, Petrie Relay Race:  Upper North Pine Team, comprising C. and J. Cruice, and R. Doyle.  Old Buffers’ Race: N.G. Clark, Mt. Pleasant, 50 Yards Senior Event:  V. Rudd, Mt. Pleasant, Open Handicap Relay Race:  Petrie Team comprising Gold Bros. R. Neilsen and J. Cook – Courier Mail 3 February 1937.