Upper North Pine Pioneers at opening of Silverwood Butter Factory 14th September 1903

Pioneers of the Upper North Pine 1903

Pioneers of the Upper North Pine 1903

Back Row: R.C. Clay, Aaron Adsett, J.H. Baker, James Pritchard, John Adams, F. Raddatz, Joseph Fisher, W. Nugent, Frank Sellin, Henry Easlea, August Kuhn, Thomas Strain and Carl Ihm
Middle Row: Mrs. R. Brockhurst, Moses Stubbins, Frank Williams, R. Brockhurst, Mrs. F. Williams, Mrs. C. Hay, C. Hay, Mrs. W. Gordon, W.G. Skerman, S. Heathwood, Mrs. W.G. Skerman, Andrew Gordon, Mrs. A. Gordon, R. Raymont, Miss Raymont, Ludwig Lindenberg, Mrs. J. Lacey, J. Anderson, H. Raaen and E. Page
Front Row, sitting: W. Gordon, J. Lacey and C.T. Williams

This photograph appeared in The Moreton Mail on Friday 25th September 1903 in an article on the opening of the new butter factory at Terrors Creek (names are as they appear in the article).
Silverwood Dairy Factory Company Limited’s factory, built adjacent to the Terrors Creek Creamery, was opened by Sir Herbert Chermside, the Governor of Queensland, on 14th September 1903. The company also built a general store on an adjoining block in 1906.
In 1916 the farmers formed a co-operative known as the Terrors Creek-Samsonvale Co-operative Dairy Factory Company to take over the local business of the Silverwood Butter Factory. The store and adjacent residence were destroyed by fire in 1924 and the factory building was destroyed by fire in May 1929, rebuilt and soon re-opened.
The Butter Factory closed on 30th June 1965 as it was felt it had outlived its usefulness. Most of the factory’s 90 suppliers had their milk taken direct to Brisbane, 26 miles from Dayboro.



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