Two Weddings

Wedding – William Frederick Page & Elizabeth Ann Nugent – 6th May 1908


Wedding – George Farrow & Emily Catherine Page – 6th May 1908

Two photographs from two different sources.  A double wedding took place at St Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane on 6th May 1908 of the twin son and daughter of Edmund and Catherine (Mangan) Page of Laceys Creek.  The flower girl was Emily Catherine Mangan Page.  

William  Frederick Page was attended by the bride’s brother Christopher Nugent.  Elizabeth Ann Nugent may have been attended by her two sisters Ellen and Jane.  

George Farrow did not have any brothers so he chose two of his Neller nephews as his groomsmen.  Emily Catherine Page was attended by Annie Armstrong and Nora Hayes.  Emily Catherine Page was the first teacher of Laceys Creek School when it opened on 17th January 1898.  She resigned to marry on 31st October 1907.

The twins were born in Toolburra where their father Edmund was working in the tin mines.  Edmund Page selected his property at Laceys Creek on 16th May 1889.  He became a member of the Pine Divisional Board in 1900 and was elected Chairman of Pine Shire Council in 1907.