The Original Orange Hall in Laceys Creek Road

            The Brisbane Courier or 19th January 1899 reported “…At an adjourned meeting of the Central Licensing Court yesterday… the application of Hugh Strain, of Lacey’s Creek, Upper North Pine, for the grant of a wine license, again came on for hearing.  The case was adjourned from the last sittings of the court to allow of evidence as to the requirements of the district being procured.  Sub-inspector Nethercote appeared to object to the granting of the license, and Mr. Trevor Neilson appeared for the applicant.  After considerable argument the court granted the application.”

            Hugh Strain conducted his “wine shop” in the original Orange Hall that had been built on his property in Laceys Creek Road near the corner of Mt. Pleasant Road in the 1870s. A Queensland wine license was granted to Hugh Strain at the Central Licensing Court on 12th April 1899.  It is not known how long the “wine shop” operated as no further information could be found.  It is believed that Hugh Strain purchased the wine he sold from some of the German settlers of Laceys Creek. 

            The Brisbane Courier of 12th July 1927 reported “Probably the oldest building in the district, an old residence at the corner of Lacey’s Creek and Mt. Pleasant Roads was recently destroyed by fire.”  It would seem that this is where the rumour of the hotel in the town burning down originated.