Terrors Creek Township (ca) between 1913 and 1917

Terrors Creek Township (ca) between 1913 and 1917

The Daily Mail of Wednesday 12th November 1919 reported “…Messrs. Cruice Bros., who have been butchers in Dayboro for a number of years, have disposed of their business, their purchaser being a returned soldier…”

On 1st December 1898 R. Cruise (Rody Cruice) of Upper North Pine was granted a slaughtering licence in the North Pine Police Court.

By 1908 Cruice Bros. had moved their butchery business into the township from the family farm in Laceys Creek Road.  The building, with a small awning in front, is on the right a little past the bend in the main street in the 1913-1917 photograph.

Cruice Bros. sold the business to Frederick Edmund (Ted) Long in 1919 although the property was not transferred into his name until several years later.  He also acquired the slaughter yards on 1st February 1928.  Ted Long built the current premises in 1935.  He retained ownership until 1st January 1940 when he sold both the butcher shop property and the slaughter yards property to Charles Hewitt. 

Although the butcher shop property has had a number of owners over time and the butchery business itself has been run by a number of lessees, there has been a butchery business on that property for at least 112 years.