Terrors Creek Rifle Club c. 1924

Members of the Dayboro Rifle Club c. 1924

Terrors Creek Rifle Club c. 1924
(left to right) Charlie Doyle (1885-1964), Patrick Clune Snr. (1874-1951), Unknown, Mel Hay Snr. (1899-1967) and Patrick Clune Jnr. (1907-1958)
Photo courtesy of Coralie Clune
Does anyone recognise the man in the middle?
He is the only one not holding a rifle – could he possibly have been a Club sponsor?

Over the years, many clubs and organisations have come and gone in our district, some even two or three times.  The earliest Club on record is the Terror’s Creek (Upper North Pine) Rifle Club organised under “The Defence Act of 1884”.  This Club was formed on 2nd February 1894 with Lieutenant James Berry as President.

The Samson Vale Rifle Club was an even older club having been formed on 18th December 1889 with Henry Gold the president.

The annual class firing took place on 10th and 12th June 1899 with John Bond Snr. having the highest aggregate and James K. Berry second.  Great satisfaction was felt with the new regulations governing rifle clubs with the grant for “efficient” members being increased by 4 shillings and for every “efficient honorary” member the club could draw 10 shillings and 60 rounds of ammunition free.  Members of the military or naval forces could become honorary members.  In 1899 the Club had 41 efficient members and 10 honorary members.