Terrors Creek Presbyterian Church April 1906

Terrors Creek Presbyterian Church April 1906

Dayboro Uniting Church, originally Terrors Creek then Dayboro Presbyterian Church, will celebrate its 120th anniversary on 21st October this year.

The Brisbane Courier of 11th January 1900 reported on the Presbytery of Brisbane meeting on 9th January “…The following appointments for a period of three months were notified…by the convener of the Home Mission Committee…Upper North Pine, Mr. W.S. Laurie.  On the nomination of the congregation of the Upper North Pine branch of the North Pine Church, the following were appointed trustees of the new church – namely, Messrs. W.G. Skerman, M. Stubbings and F. Williams…”

The Brisbane Courier of 31st July 1900 reported  “…and the new Presbyterian Church, which is being built in the settlement, will add one more attractive structure to what will eventually become a busy township.”

The Terrors Creek Presbyterian Church (at times referred to as the Upper North Pine Presbyterian Church)was opened on 21st October 1900 built on land donated by William Nugent to the west of the cemetery, the builder being John Bond.  The cost was £135.6.6 ($270.65).  The church was moved to its present site in Williams Street in 1924.

There does not appear to be photos of the church on its original site other than this one interior photo taken at the wedding of Rev. James Richard Sweet and Jessie Skerman on 10th April 1906.  Jessie was a daughter of Walter George Skerman, one of the original trustees of the church.