Terrors Creek (Hell Hole) State School 1909

Terrors Creek (Hell Hole) State School 1909 – Senior Pupils

​Little is known about the 34 children in this photograph, other than they are the older students at the school as another photograph was taken the same day showing the younger students with two student teachers.

​Arthur John Stapleton was the Head Teacher at Terrors Creek State School from 1907 to 1916.  He came to Terrors Creek from Toowoomba East.  In October 1916 he received a promotion and was transferred to Humpybong State School.

​The boy front left could be Francis Andrew Williams.  There are 3 boys who could be brothers (similarity in appearance and clothing) – far right back row, 4th from right in front row and far right sitting on the ground.  The only family with three boys at the school at that time was the McKaskill family.  Their father Don McKaskill was a carpenter.  Other families could include McKenzie, Tyacke, Perry, Hamilton, Warland, Pfrunder, Rohlf, Heathwood, Thiele & Bradley as well as others.