Terrors Creek Community Cattle Dip

Terrors Creek Community Cattle Dip c. 1901

The cattle tick introduced into the Northern Territory from Indonesia towards the end of the 19th century, spread rapidly south causing tick fever, better known as “Red water”.  In April 1901, it was decided to construct a community cattle dip adjacent to the creamery at Terrors Creek.  The Brisbane Courier of 27th August 1901 reported “…The cattle dip at Terror’s Creek is now about completed…”

The date the dip was first used is not known however it is thought this photograph may have been taken that day.  White shirts on dipping day, would that be normal?  It does give a good view of the small town.  The creamery across the creek has been extended and is now occupied by Silverwood Café.  The first building on the right was part of the sawmill complex as were the three sawmill workmen’s cottages.  The building in the middle of the photograph was Riek Bros. Store which became the E.S .& A. Bank in 1912.  Charles Adsett’s Blacksmith is at the top of the hill partly obscured.  The Crown Hotel and Store are to the right and Skerman Bros. Blacksmith is further to the right.