Survey Plan – Samsonvale

Week 23 - Portion 1 - 1867.12 Survey

Survey Plan – Portion 1 Parish of Samsonvale – dated 20th December 1867

On 12th June 1867 William Henry Day made application to lease Portion 1 Parish of Samsonvale, under the Sugar and Coffee Regulations of 1864 and 1866.   Portion 1 contained an area of 667 acres (269.9 hectares) and is the block on which the majority of Dayboro township is now situated.  The survey was completed by R.G. Rawnsley on 20th December 1867.  The original survey plan clearly shows the area labelled as “No. 1 Terrors Paddock”.  The adjoining area to the south was labelled “Hellhole”.    

It is interesting to note that William Henry Day’s name does not appear on the plan of survey or Title Deed for Portion 1.  The name that does appear is E.W. Tufnell.  Edward Wyndham Tufnell was the first Church of England Bishop of Brisbane.  It would seem that the Church of England funded Day’s entrepreneurial undertakings to some extent.  William Henry Day was not a selector in the true sense.  At the time he leased Portion 1, he was a Clerk of Petty Sessions in Brisbane, later becoming a Police Magistrate.