Gantry - 2016


Things had been quiet after the Petition to save the Gantry building was presented to Queensland Parliament on 29th November 2016.  A letter was received early January from the Hon. Steven Miles MP, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef, which basically said that the matter was being investigated.

On Tuesday 11th April an email was received from the office of Nikki Boyd MP, Member for Pine Rivers which stated:  


“Staff from the Queensland Park and Wildlife Service (QPWS) met with the contracted engineer onsite on 27 March 2017 to further discuss and confirm the initial works required to secure the structure, and determine when the site can be re-opened to public access.


These discussions identified the following priority works to be undertaken over coming months:


  • Replacement of the existing roof sheeting, guttering and downpipes (and minor timber batten work as necessary).  These works will need to be undertaken from an elevated work platform;
  • Inspection of the roof trusses by an engineer (from an elevated work platform) once the sheeting is removed to identify any structural issues, and design of a tension rod solution to provide long term tension support for each truss, and
  • Minor drainage works around the structure (using an excavator) to divert runoff away from the footings of the building.



Quotations will now be obtained from contractors to undertake the required works, while the required funding is being identified from relevant programs/sources.


The engineer also indicated that he saw no reason to exclude the visitors from under/around the structure at this point in time, although public access restrictions would need to be reinstated once repair works got underway.


As a result the site will be re-opened to public access once the barricading, signs and Park Alert are taken down.


A second tranche of works to support the long term structural integrity of the building and interpret its values to visitors was also discussed at the meeting.  These works are outlined in a proposal submitted for funding under the 2017-2018 State-wide Capital Works Program.”


The barricading was removed the following day and the building was open to the public for Easter.  We were advised that the Gantry Day Use area was packed on Good Friday.

Thanks to everyone who signed the Petition to save the Gantry Building.  It was well worth the effort.

Carmel Bond, President,

Dayboro District Historical Society Inc.