Samsonvale Butter Factory c. 1890s

Samsonvale Butter Factory c. 1890s

The Brisbane Courier of 18th November 1892 reported A butter factory will be in operation at Kobble Creek, Moreton district, in a few days…”  The butter factory was in fact located at Samsonvale on land made available by Henry Gold close to where the Samsonvale Cemetery is now situated.  The site is now under the waters of Lake Samsonvale (North Pine Dam).

In mid-1892 a group of local farmers decided to construct a butter factory and formed The Samson Vale Dairy Company Limited.  The factory building was constructed by Christian Hacker & his son Fred.  It had weather board walls, shingled roof, concrete floors and was unlined. 

In the late 1890s creameries were established at Terrors Creek, Laceys Creek and Whiteside so all the separating did not have to be done at the factory. 

 The Federation Drought which began in the mid-1890s, with the most extreme conditions in late 1901 and 1902, took its toll and the farmers agreed to sell the factory to Messrs. Denham and Reid of The Silverwood Dairy Factory Company Limited in early 1902.  Some weeks after the sale the famers were horrified to learn that the new owners intended building a butter factory at Terrors Creek and to then close and demolish the Samsonvale factory.  The new Silverwood Butter Factory was opened at Terrors Creek on 14th September 1903.

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