Rose’s Sawmill at Mt Pleasant – early 1930s

Rose’s Sawmill at Mt Pleasant – early 1930s

The Week of 22nd February 1933 reported “…Dayboro, February 16.

The timber industry in this district is not as brisk as it was two months ago, but large quantities of timber are being brought from Mt. Mee to the Dayboro railway yards.  The Laceys Creek sawmill is working full time, as also is the Mt. Pleasant Sawmilling Company…”

In 1933 Hancock Bros. moved their sawmill from Villeneuve to Mt. Mee.  Hancock Bros. carted their timber down to Dayboro Railway Station from where it was transported to Brisbane or Ipswich.  They did not mill the pine at Mt. Mee.  The pine logs were sent to Ipswich through the Dayboro Railway Station.  In 1947 the mill at Mt Mee was sold to Dudley Kingston, who had worked for Hancock Bros.

The Laceys Creek Sawmill was operated by the Schloss family at Mackenzie Creek (Costello Road) from 1921 to 1939.  Timber was hauled to Dayboro Railway by horse and bullock teams.

Mt. Pleasant Sawmilling Company was established by the Charles Rose and his son Athol in 1931.  In 1934 it was sold to a Mr. Miles then to Brett Bros. who moved it to Byron Creek.   Sawn timber was carted to Dayboro Railway.