Rody & Maria Cruice

Rody & Maria Cruice

Rody Cruice passed away on 21st February 1911 and, following a funeral service in St Francis Xavier Catholic Church the next day, was laid to rest in the Upper North Pine (Dayboro) Cemetery. 

 Rody Cruice was born in 1834 at Clonagh near Tullamore, King’s County (now County Offaly).  He arrived in Brisbane on the Erin-go-Bragh with his sister Eliza on 2nd August 1862 after an horrendous voyage lasting almost 6 months.  He married Maria Boyle on 11th August 1867.  They spent some time in Gympie before Rody took up the position of Overseer and Manager of William Henry Day’s sugar enterprise at Terrors Creek in 1870.  When their third child , Rudolphus Francis (Dosh) Cruice, was born in Brisbane on 9th September 1870, Rody’s occupation was given as plantation manager. 

 He selected the first of his many properties on 3rd March 1875.  He had already obtained his Horse & Cattle Brand 6CE on 7th March 1874.  In 1898 Rody donated the two acres of land on which St Francis Xavier Catholic church was built.  The church still stands to this day.  Rody and Maria Cruice had 11children. There are quite a number of their descendants living in the district.

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