Queensland Country Credit Union will be closing

To the Dayboro Community

By now members of the Dayboro Community will have heard that Queensland Country Credit Union will be closing its Dayboro Branch on 8 th June 2018. This decision will cause considerable hardship for many, especially the local community groups. Dayboro
Information Centre and Dayboro District Progress Assn. Inc., as well as other members of the community, have not been sitting still and have been lobbying to have a banking agency of some sort established in Dayboro.

Staff from Samford Community Bank ® Branch of Bendigo Bank will be conducting information sessions at the Dayboro Information Centre, “Dayboro Cottage”, 27 Williams Street over the next week. Please take this opportunity to come in and chat to them.

Carmel Bond, Co-Ordinator,

Dayboro Information Centre Ph: 0407 595 645