Our Saviours Lutheran Church Cruice Street

Our Saviours Lutheran Church Cruice Street – early 1950s (ca)

The first Lutheran services in the Dayboro-Laceys Creek area were in the late 1890s under Pastor J Egen of the Nundah Church.  They were held in the school and later in the hall at Lacey’s Creek.  In 1926 the Lutheran Church contacted Lutheran settlers in the area resulting in a meeting being held in the Lacey’s Creek hall in July 1926 when it was decided services would be held every four weeks in German in the morning and English in the afternoon or evening.

Discussion on building a church in Dayboro began as services were still being held at Lacey’s Creek with the 1946 AGM reporting it was “not yet possible to get a building permit”.  Land in Cruice Street was donated by Carl Enchelmaier.  The permit was obviously obtained as the church was opened on 27th February 1949.  The builders were Bernie Kay and Norm Clegg.   Due to the decline in membership, in 1974 consideration was given to closing the church.  It was decided not to close down and for a time membership increased.  However, membership again declined and Our Saviours finally closed on 13th November 2011.