Orange Hall Dayboro

Orange Hall Dayboro – 1917 (ca)

The Courier Mail of 19th October 1936 reported “…The Orange Hall has been sold to the citizens of Dayboro for £200…)

The new Orange Hall at Terror’s Creek was opened with a concert and dance on 31st December 1908 which continued until daylight.  The first Orange Hall was built in the late 1870s in Laceys Creek Road near the Mt Pleasant Road intersection.  

The Courier Mail of 20th November 1936 reported “…A Dayboro Public Hall and School of Arts Committee has been formed with the following officers:- Chairman, Mr. F.E. Long; secretary, Mr. N.A. Hill; treasurer, Mr. F.A. Kelly; auditor, G.F. Currier.  Members of the committee are:  Mr. V. Williams, Councillor R. Cruice, Messrs. A. McKenzie, sen., C.D. Illingworth, J.H. Maher, C. Doyle, E.V. Kirby, and W.M. Cook…”

Funds were raised, and in April 1937 plans for enlarging the hall to twice its size were submitted to the Committee.  Messrs. W.D. Caulfield and P.A. De Hayr were engaged to carry out the alterations and extension.  A crows ash dance floor, an insulated auditorium and indirect lighting were some of the features of the new hall.  The Dayboro Public Hall and School of Arts was officially opened on 12th November 1937.