Opening of new Dayboro State School 1920

Opening of new Dayboro State School – 25th June 1920

The new Dayboro State School was opened on its present site on 25th June 1920, some 46 years after the opening of the original Terrors Creek Provisional School in Haagen Raaen’s barn on 18 May 1874.  In 1878 a school building was built on land donated by William Henry Day on the west side of Terrors Creek about half a mile from the first school site, on what is now Briscoe Road. 

The school was some distance from the township and a decision was made to re-site it to a more central position.  The Brisbane Courier of 20th November 1918 reported “…DAYBORO, November 19:  The Minister for Education visited here on Saturday for the purpose of choosing a site for the new school.  He promised the committee a new building, but left them to decide on the site.”

There was controversy over where the new site should be and it was not until January 1919 that the School Committee finally decided that “Heathwood Hill” would be the best place for the new school.  A new school building was constructed and the teacher’s residence and playshed were relocated from the old school site. 

This is another centenary to be celebrated in Dayboro this year.