O’Neill & McKenzie, Grocers

O’Neill & McKenzie, Grocers – 3rd June 1924

The Daily Mail of 26th August 1922 reported DAYBORO The progress of this town within the past five years has been remarkable.  New houses and shops are being constantly built, one of the latest additions being a new store, which has been opened by two well-known Dayboro identities…”

The new store was known as O’Neill & McKenzie, Grocers.  It was on the corner of Williams and Bradley Streets.  The proprietors were Richard Gordon (Dick) O’Neill and Donald McKenzie.  It was built by Ludwig Ernest (Ernie) Lindenberg who owned the premises.  In mid-1925 the business became known as O’Neill & Lindenberg.  Dick O’Neill moved to a store on the Maroochy River in May 1926.

Dick O’Neill’s hobby was photography.  This is one of the photographs of the Queen Carnival parade held on 3rd June 1924.  The parade was led by two mounted police, as are the present-day Dayboro Day Parades.  They were followed by the Dayboro Brass Band, the local schoolchildren and all the decorated floats.   The Queen Carnival was held to raise funds to pay for a new Nash Ambulance vehicle.