O’Neill children

O’Neill children – original Crown Hotel in background mid-1920s

The old furphy that the original Crown Hotel burnt down was mentioned again recently.  It did not happen.  

James Kinkead Berry built the first store in the town in 1887.  The store also became an unofficial post office.  In April 1888 he applied for a provisional hotel licence.  The application was refused and after several more attempts a provisional licence was granted on 6th July 1892, the store building becoming known as the Crown Hotel.  A small timber building which became a store and post office was attached to the original building.

In 1913 the present-day Crown Hotel was built but the original buildings remained.  At some stage the timber store was removed. The original Crown Hotel building can be seen in this photograph taken in the mid-1920s.  A gas lamp can also be seen on the corner.  

The Brisbane Courier of 12th July 1927 reported “…Probably the oldest building in the district, an old residence at the corner of Lacey’s Creek and Mt. Pleasant roads, was recently destroyed by fire.”  This was the original Orange Hall built in the 1870s.  On 18th January 1899 Hugh Strain was granted a wine licence for this building.  This was the “hotel” that burnt down.