Nutley’s Store – Early 1960s

Nutley's corner shop

Nutley’s Store – Early 1960s
(Cnr. Williams & Bradley Streets)
Ken & Irene Nutley & Belsie Buchbach (nee Heathwood) and daughter Darlene

Ernest Lindenberg built a store on his property on the corner of what are now Williams and Bradley Streets, about 1923.  The business was originally known as O’Neill & McKenzie, Grocers, and then O’Neill & Lindenberg.  Dick O’Neill had come to the district as a young man about 1908 when he was employed at the Silverwood Store.  He ran the corner store in partnership with Ernie Lindenberg until May 1926 when he moved to a store on the Maroochy River.

The corner store had a number of lessees over the years although Ernie Lindenberg retained ownership of the premises until his death in November 1959.  Kenneth Sidney and Irene Nutley had taken over the business in March 1958 and on 1st July 1961 the freehold was transferred into their names.  The Nutley family ran the business until 1986, selling the property to Geoff Hutson who conducted a Saddlery business from 1986 until 1994 when it was sold to Craig Doyle Livestock & Land.