Millbrook Estate development – 17 Jul 2007

Week 30 - Millbrook Estate 27 Jul 2007

Millbrook Estate 27 Jul 2007

In 2007 the Doyle Group commenced development of the Millbrook Estate.

This development was on property that had been owned by several generations of the Heathwood family.

It also incorporated the property on which the railway line and railway buildings had been located.  Over 8 acres (approx. 3.3 hectares) of land had been resumed from Mrs. Agnes Heathwood in December 1918.  Mrs. Heathwood did not receive compensation for the land that had been resumed.  Instead she had been advised that the railway had come to Dayboro which had increased the value of her property and therefore she was not going to be paid compensation for the resumption.

After the closure of the Railway on 1st July 1955, the property was transferred back to the Heathwood family.