Meet Dayboro’s New Speech Therapist

Dayboro now has a Speech Therapist to add to it’s list of local allied health professionals.

Meet Cassandra Schmidt of Cassandra’s Cubby – Private Speech & Language Pathologist.

Cassandra is new to the area and has just come off maternity leave. She now has capacity for clients in Dayboro and surrounds.

It’s that time of the year – children are preparing for the next step up at school and an advance in year levels. Is your child having difficulty articulating some sounds, or trouble acquiring letter-sound awareness/sight words/ learning to read, spell or write?! Does your child have difficulty having a conversation or speaking in sentences?! Can he/she use a wide range of vocabulary words? Or is your baby having difficulty with verbal communication? These are just a few areas that Cassandra can help you with. Cassandra is moving her Private Speech Pathology business to the Dayboro area and she is offering mobile visits now.

Click here for her Website or here for her Facebook Page.