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Dayboro, Queensland, Australia

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Free home delivered fresh fruit and vegetable retailer.


Jackson Produce was born out of the idea that everyday life is getting busier, modern people are more conscious about what we consume, and we are more inclined to experiment and learn about food than ever previously.

The concept Jackson Produce proposes is to bring back our old school values and ideas, get back to our roots and how we used to do it. Source local, supply fresh, support, respect and provide for the community while delivering quality customer service, tailored to our modern lives.


My name is Brett Jackson, the founder of Jackson Produce, a guy that thinks on his feet and acts quick, instead of seeing a problem I would rather discover a solution. I am a certified horticulturist, hold a diploma in hospitality, and am a qualified chef. Food is my passion.

I have spent the last couple of years practicing the art of cooking at Aria Restaurant in Brisbane and I understand the importance and benefit, both from a nutrition and flavour perspective, of fresh quality produce.

I believe everyone should have access to good, quality, local produce.


These are my four core values that represent the foundation on which the frame Jackson Produce is constructed. They provide honesty with doing what’s right.

BE DELICIOUS. Eat fresh, experiment, try something new. When working with quality product it’s not hard to. Try it, I think you may be surprised.

CONNECT THE FARMER WITH THE CHEF. Whether you are running an award winning restaurant or you cook at home, we are all entitled to the finest and freshest ingredients. I believe there is no need to pay to have your food sit in several large warehouses for days, travel from point A to B to C to D before it arrives in your kitchen then on to the plate.

BE AUTHENTIC. Not only being genuine, being supportive of the people that grow the produce, being honest and transparent of where this food has originated, and under what conditions. This then leads to education, awareness and trust, a right I feel the community has.

LISTEN & LEARN. Talking to producers, talking to customers, if we listen we will continue to learn. It makes it easier to get it right. Always ask questions, and if there is one asked that I don’t know, I’ll tell you so then go away and find the answer.

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