Level Crossing Accident

Level Crossing Accident – Williams Street, Dayboro c. 1930s

​This collision between an open tourer car and the railmotor occurred sometime in the 1930s.  The railmotor came into service on 20th July 1931.  It is believed that this accident at the level crossing in Williams Street occurred sometime in the 1930s but we have not been able to verify that.  We have found details of three accidents between the railmotor and other vehicles.  The first of those occurred in November 1931.  In that accident the vehicle was pushed some 45ft along the line.  On 15th November 1937 the railmotor collided with a utility truck which was completely wrecked.  On 26th August 1949 the railmotor collided with the Brisbane-Woodford Bus.

​Present-day Railway Street is where the railway line was located.  It crossed Williams Street and the station was situated between the swimming pool and Old Mill Animal Hospital.