Laurie Stubbings on Beauty – 2nd Dayboro Show 1957


Laurie Stubbings on Beauty – 2nd Dayboro Show 1957

62nd Dayboro Show to be held 8th & 9th July 2017

The Dayboro War Memorial Grounds were opened on 8th October 1955.  A show ring, refreshment area, bar and toilets had been constructed.  As it was difficult to raise funds to pay for the land, it was suggested that a Dayboro Show be held.  A committee was formed with Norm Kelly, President, Eric Brander (Dayboro Butter Factory Manager), Secretary and Charles Kennedy (E.S. & A. Bank Manager), Treasurer.

A Ladies Auxiliary was also formed with Mrs. Chris Henzell, President, Mrs. Vicky Kelly, Secretary and Miss Vera Todd, Treasurer.  The first Show was held on 13th October 1956, with more than 1000 people attending the one day event. It was such a wonderful success that the second Show was extended to a two day event (Friday and Saturday).  The third year a Grand Show Ball was held in the Dayboro Public Hall on the Saturday night.

By the Silver Jubilee Show in 1980, the annual event had grown to a three day Show but in recent years it has gone back to a two day Show (Saturday & Sunday).