Kobble Creek Provisional School 1906

Kobble Creek Provisional School 1906 (ca) – Teacher Miss Francesca Massy 
from 1898 to 1908

On 1st April 1876 Samsonvale Provisional School opened in Nataniel Harrop’s barn with 22 pupils.   A new school building was constructed nearby which opened on 1st August 1877.  Walking the distance from Mt Samson and Upper Kobble Creek was too great for the small children and, as the number of children in the district had increased, the community decided to support two schools.  The Samson Creek Provisional School opened on 9th August 1880 with 15 pupils.

The Samsonvale School was moved to Kobble Creek, re-named Kobble Creek Provisional School, and opened on 17th January 1881.  The school building had slab walls, shingle roof and pitsawn floor. On 6th September 1906 a tender was awarded for the construction of a new school building to be completed within 2 months.  

Both Kobble Creek and Samson Creek schools were declared State Schools in January 1909.  In July 1936 Kobble Creek State School closed as the enrolments had fallen too low.  It opened again in 1946  and closed for the final time in October 1954.  The school building was sold for removal in 1956.

We had been told this photo was taken in 1905 which cannot be correct as it is at the new school building.  It could possibly have been taken when the new building was opened in late 1906 or early 1907.  The children are certainly dressed for an occasion.