Jack Doyle & Charlie Doyle

Jack Doyle [1883-1960] (left) & Charlie Doyle [1885-1964]

Jack Doyle [1883-1960] (left) & Charlie Doyle [1885-1964]


​Over the years there have been a number of local dance bands although often the music for dances was played by one or two locals on their violins or one person on the piano.  Jack Doyle and Charlie Doylewere regular violin players.  Enchelmaier Brothers provided the music for many Laceys Creek dances.  

​The Dayboro Jazz Band was formed in the 1930smade up of members of the Cruice family so it was sometimes referred to as Cruice’s Band.  Bernier’s Orchestra played at the 1933 Paddy’s Ball along with the Dayboro Jazz Band with patrons moving between the Dayboro Orange Hall and the Excelsior Hall that evening.  The Arthur Trio also played at dances in the district in the 1930s.  

​  When local bands no longer existed, some out of town bands played at dances on a regular basis.  Eddy’s Dancetime Band was one of those in the 1960s.

​There was a local brass band.  It is not known when the Dayboro Brass Band was formed but it appears in a 1926 Anzac Day photo.  In February 1934 a large number of residents met for the purpose of re-forming the Dayboro Brass Band – President F.A. Kelly, Secretary W.A. Thorpe, Treasurer N. Farrow and Band Master J.R. Arthur.  At its final meeting for the year in December 1935 it was decided, due to insufficient funds, to defer entry into band contests until the Interstate contest to be held in Maryborough at Easter 1937.  The Courier Mail of 28th July 1937 reported “…Owing to insufficient players the Dayboro Brass Band has gone into recess.”