Interior of A.J. McKenzie’s Store c.early 1960s

Interior of A.J. McKenzie’s Store c.early 1960s

The first A.J. McKenzie store was established in McKenzie Street on the opposite side of the road to school and a couple of doors down.  Andy McKenzie Snr. leased the store to George Pedler in May 1925 and the family moved to Boulia.

They had returned to Dayboro by 1934 with Andy Jnr. taking over the store.

The Courier Mail of 4th February 1937 reported “…Mr. A.J. McKenzie’s large store at the corner of Williams and McKenzie Streets will be completed this month…”

This week’s photo was taken in the early 1960s.  Andy McKenzie is on the left, his sons Jeffrey and Kerry to his left and Victor McLennan, who worked in the store for many years, is on the far right. 

Almost anything could be purchased in Andy’s store.  On the counter on the right above the pyramids of cans you can see a tea pot and cups and saucers.  Higher up on the shelf is what looks like a china “potty”.  Back in Andy’s storekeeping days you bought your flour and sugar etc. by the pound and had it weighed up and given to you in a brown paper bag.  Once a week a store employee would call on customers in the town to take their orders and the orders would be delivered to them that afternoon – Wednesdays I think it was.