Historical Society Weekly Photograph

General View - Dayboro 1917

General View “Dayboro” 1917

This photograph is one of a series of postcards produced by R.P. Moore, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Q.  He started his photography business in 1916.  By 1919 he had moved to Sydney.  A number of the buildings in the photograph are still in existence today – 100 years later.  The Crown Hotel is in the left foreground and the Orange Hall, now Dayboro Community Hall, is in the right foreground.  The building on the far right is the Police Station building which has now been relocated to the Dayboro Memorial Showgrounds.  The house currently occupied by me Real Estate is in the centre of the photo and the partly obscured building behind it now forms part of the MBRC building occupied by ECU.  “Dayboro Cottage” is the middle of the 3 cottages on the left side of the road (next to the cottage with the white fence) and the house that is now 1 Hay Road can be seen on the hill beside the road heading towards Petrie.

Photos like this one will be a regular occurrence courtesy of the Dayboro District Historical Society.