Floodwaters in Williams Street, Dayboro – 5th February 1931

Floodwaters in Williams Street, Dayboro – 5th February 1931

Dayboro has experienced a number of major floods over the years.  When this flood from 89 years ago peaked, the floodwaters would have been over the paling fences.  “Dayboro Cottage” is the building second from the right.  The other houses have been moved and the Excelsior Hall was destroyed by fire in 1936.

 The North Coast and Stanley District News of Thursday 12th February 1931 reported “DAYBORO:  As a result of the heavy rain on Wednesday night and Thursday, thousands of pounds worth of damage has been sustained.  On Thursday morning rain fell at the rate of an inch an hour, and the flood was worse than that of 93.  In the main street, there was over 3ft. of water and several houses had to be abandoned.  All communication with Brisbane was cut off, and severe washaways occurred on the railway line.  The water was nearly a foot deep in the butter factory.  The Rush Creek bridge collapsed, and losses of stock are reported.  Several landslides are reported, including the new partly constructed Dayboro-Mount Mee main road and the road to Ocean View.  The damage on the new construction on Dayboro-Mount Mee road is estimated at several thousands of pounds.  The approaches to the bridges over the Pine River at Lacey’s Creek were badly damaged.  Telephone communication was interrupted until Saturday afternoon.

When the Rush Creek bridge collapsed Harold Hart, a youth who was standing on it, was swept into the river, but escaped without injury.

 It will be some considerable time before rail communication is restored.  Considerable damage is reported to the railway line further down, and bridges and culverts are reported damaged to a considerable extent.

Dayboro township was isolated for three days.

MOUNT MEE:  The rainfall registrations during the period at D’Aguilar and Delaney’s Creek were not so high as on Mt. Mee, which registered 54 inches  at the State School for the eight days…”  54inches is approx. 1370 mm.