Farm Animal Rescue Update

FAR Pigs

No one likes to hear of animals being mis-treated, left to starve because of the drought or because of the cruelty inflicted by some human beings.  Yet year after year we are still confronted by the horror of malnutrition and neglect of our four-legged friends.  Because of this, organisations such as Farm Animal Rescue (FAR) at Dayboro in Queensland have stepped in to be the voice of reason and protector of our farm friends.

FAR is a non-profit organisation where their finances rely on the kind donations of the public. Up until recently the farm was open on a regular basis to the public where visitors could become acquainted with the animals through contact sessions – patting a sheep, rubbing a pig’s belly, tumble with a goat or feeding a rooster.  During these sessions, volunteers described some of the horrible situations these animals were subjected to and the many more still on factory farms that have not yet been able to be saved.

Sadly at this time, a visit can no longer happen as the Queensland Government has imposed a Visitor Ban on the FAR indefinitely or until the Dayboro Road upgrade in front of the farm is complete.  The Government’s requirement is for FAR to contribute to the $300,000 assessed road cost.  Discussions with the Government are continuing.  Currently the Visitor Ban prohibits FAR’s animal sponsors, volunteers, community members, photographers and media from entering the farm.  Only the residents, animal carers, committee members and service providers can lawfully enter the property until the ban is lifted.

However this is not stopping FAR from remaining committed to raising community awareness of the lives of the animals. Raising funds usually comes through their popular Open Days, yet you can still become a supporter on the farm through their sponsorship program.  From as little as $10 a month donation aids in the purchase of a day’s worth of food for the pigs or a day’s worth of bedding straw for the goats. 

Monthly payments can be made through Paypal, Visa or Mastercard and in return all sponsors receive a wallet sized Supporters Club card and quarterly magazine as well as five percent off all items at The Loving Hut in Brisbane and ten percent off items at Charlies Fruit Market, Raw Squeeze Moo Free Burgers and Vegan Pantry.

For those of you who can afford more than $10 / month, the following may interest you.













Currently three new projects are happening at the farm with the construction of a barn, development of a fowl habitat and fencing.

You can be kept updated on the animals and the road situation by visiting FAR’s website.  When the ban is removed, the farm holds working bees from time to time and you may like to add your name to the mailing alert so you can be contacted once all is back to normal.