FAR Cooks-Up Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ

FAR Cooks-Up Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ

Farm Animal Rescue has launched Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ by inviting Australians to host or attend meatless BBQs from now until 21 February 2018 to promote healthy and sustainable BBQ food, save lambs, and fundraise for the 78 farm animal residents, including the nine sheep, that live at the sanctuary.

FAR President, Brad King, said the inaugural annual event is the first of its kind in Australia which aims to educate the community on healthy and sustainable BBQ alternatives, and to raise awareness about the short and brutal lives of the 17-19 million lambs that are

slaughtered each year in Australia for meat.

“The idea that not eating meat is ‘un-Australian’ is less prevalent in 2018 with an estimated 11.2% of Australians choosing a mostly vegetarian or vegan diet1” Brad said.

“As a charity dedicated to creating a more compassionate world for farm animals through education and through sharing the stories of farm animals, FAR has created this annual event to bring people together to share meatless-BBQ options, and to help reduce the amount of lamb consumed at this time of year.”

Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ kicked off on Sunday 21 January at Brisbane’s Vegan Australia Day event with a FAR BBQ and the promotion of Isabella, a two-year old sheep resident at the sanctuary, who was rescued from slaughter and will live out her natural life of 12-15 years at the sanctuary. The event will continue across the country with people Hosting their own BBQs with family and friends.

People from across Australia are invited to participate between 21 January and 21 February 2018 by:

  1. Hosting a Vegan BBQ Fundraising event of their own and inviting four or more guests.
  2. Joining a Vegan BBQ Fundraising Team by attending a Host’s BBQ along with friends and family.
  3. Donating to FAR to help the small charity continue to rescue farm animals and educate thecommunity on healthier and kinder choices.
  4. Regularly including exciting and interesting meat-free meals in their diet.

Visit farmanimalrescue.org.au to register or donate.