FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I list my local business on Dayboro.com?

Creating a Dayboro.com listing is the best 5 minutes a local business can possibly spend on advertising. Businesses routinely spend thousands of dollars on SEO and Google Ads to be found by locals searching for their service.

With Dayboro.com your listing it is soon indexed by Google enabling your business to be easily found (often on the first page) on Google when people search for “Dayboro <Your Service>”. For example “Dayboro Welding”, “Dayboro Fencing” and “Dayboro Plumber” bring your business on the first page of results or at least takes the person to a list of all those services in Dayboro.

Obviously when advertising your business you want as much exposure on as many platforms as possible. Dayboro.com is just one of those essential platforms because it’s free and receives thousands of visitors per month.

My business or event was listed but it’s owned by the admin. Why? Can I claim it as mine?

Business and event listings on Dayboro.com are either created manually by ‘admin’ or submitted by users. In order for Dayboro.com to be as useful as possible we want it to be as comprehensive and up to date as it can be.

Subsequently we have gone ahead added many listings manually. This has been laborious work but resulted in hundreds of businesses being advertised for free without the business owners needing to do a thing. We are yet to encounter a business owner that is unhappy about this. If any information is incorrect we promptly correct it on request. Further, if you find your business listing we created, you are able to take ownership of the listing and edit it however you like. To do this sign up and click the Claim Ownership button on the listing.

Of course we can’t create and maintain all listings on our own so we depend on locals submitting and updating their own details. Listing Ownership is currently increasing as people realise the advantage of being on Dayboro.com.


Why does Dayboro need it’s own online business directory?

Dayboro.com aims to be a convenience for residents to easily find local services. Being online means this information is accessible to all and up to date.

Not every business in Brisbane wants to travel all the way out to Dayboro. By using a local service you know they can come out and easily find your place.

By listing local businesses we are helping support locals. When you use a small local service you are supporting local families and promoting prosperity.


How much does it costs to create a listing on Dayboro.com?

All listings are free of charge. The only constraint is that listings is relevant and beneficial to the local township.


Who runs dayboro.com?

Dayboro.com is owned and administrated by local software developer who lives in Laceys Creek on a small farm with his family.

Dayboro.com is a hobby for him and he feels privileged to run a site to serve locals and promote the area. If you would like to reach him please use the contact us form.


Does Dayboro.com have any affiliations with local organisations?

Dayboro.com is for Dayboro. Everyone in town should feel affiliated with Dayboro.com to promote whatever they want. Whether that be their new business, charity event or news.


How do I create a listing?

There are 3 types of listings – business/organisation listings, event listings and real estate listings.

For business and event listings there are links to do so on the Homepage (towards the top of the page as green buttons) and in the footer section of the site. To do so you will need a Dayboro.com user account which you can create after you submit your listing.

For real estate listings please contact us for details. Extra steps are required to involve the relevant real estate agent.


How do I get a featured post, news piece or blog article on Dayboro.com?

Simply contact us to organise something you would like to share. There’s a good chance we will be more than happy to post it on the home page.


I submitted a listing but I can’t see it on the site. Did it work?

All newly submitted listings need to reviewed by an admin first. This is mainly done to stop spam. New listings are usually published within 24 hrs of submission.


I received an error screen while submitting a listing. What should I do?

Take a screenshot of your browser window and email it to us. Don’t try to submit your listing again. In most cases the listing was actually received despite the error. Errors are not common but when they do occur, screenshots help us to see what went wrong and fix it.


How do I sign up and/or log in?

At the top of the page there is a menu with the option to “Log In” and another option to “Register”. Click on either of these links.

You can create your own user account and password for Dayboro.com or use the Single Sign On functionality. Single Sign On means you can use your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account to create an account on Dayboro.com. The advantage of this is you don’t need to remember another password. You just sign in using your say Facebook account, or if you are already signed in on Facebook in another window, you automatically sign in to Dayboro.com. Dayboro.com does not have access to your passwords but instead uses a third party like Facebook to authenticate you.


How do I reset my password?

If you know your password and want to change it. Once logged in, click on your username in the top menu, then edit profile and there will be a section to set a new password.

If you have forgotten your password click log in at the top menu and then forgot password. Enter your email and you will be sent a link to reset your password.

If you still have some problems then use our contact us form and we can investigate a solution.


How do I view my listings?

Click on your username in the top menu. Your profile will be displayed along with all of your listings. From here you can edit your listings.