“Fair View” Home of the Williams family at Mt Pleasant c.1903

“Fair View” Home of the Williams family at Mt Pleasant c.1903 Charles & Elizabeth seated, son George on steps, daughter Violet beside mother, 2 young girls unknown but not grandchildren

The Brisbane Courier of 15th March 1905 reported “…About 130 residents of the Upper North Pine met at the Orange Hall, Upper North Pine, on Friday evening last, to give Mr. C.T. Williams a send-off on the eve of his trip to the old land…during the evening Mr Williams was the recipient of a small present as a mark of their esteem.  Mr. E. Kenman proposed the health of their guest, and spoke of the good work that Mr. Williams had done for the district while on the Pine Shire Council.  He also spoke of the private good that Mr. Williams had done to many a struggling settler when in trouble…Mr. Williams, in returning thanks, said that while on the council he had tried to do his duty as a ratepayer and a man, and would always try to do the same…Mrs. Williams will not be accompanying her husband, as she is in delicate health, and is unable to undertake a sea voyage.”

Charles Thomas William has been credited with being the first settler in Mt Pleasant.  In fact two neighbours selected adjoining properties on the same day with consecutive selection numbers.  On 27th July 1874 Charles Thomas Williams selected the first of his properties, Portion 115 Parish of Pine, 205 acres on the banks of the North Pine River, Selection No. 2225.  William John McCracken selected his property, Portion 92, to the north of Portion 115, Selection No. 2226.  Over time C.T. Williams acquired quite a large landholding.  William John McCracken, who was a single man, died on 9th October 1888.  His property was sold to another neighbour, Thomas Strain.

It is believed “Fair View” was built c.1901 and was destroyed by fire c.1935.