Dayboro Postcard

Dayboro Postcard c. 1990

About 1990 several Dayboro Postcards were produced.  Dayboro District Historical Society Inc obtained a scan of this postcard of Dayboro from the Samford Historical Museum.  The photo has been taken from King Scrub looking towards Dayboro.  The Showgrounds can be seen and some houses in Rodeo Drive.  The school buildings are right of centre partially obscured by trees.  The water tank at the top of the hill in Roderick Street is a good landmark.  There are pineapple and banana plantations and former plantations forming a patchwork in the hills behind the town. 

We have two other postcards in this series, one of Dayboro Newsagency on the corner of McKenzie Street and Delaney Road and the other of the Crown Hotel.  Does anybody know of any other Dayboro postcards that we could borrow and scan?