Dayboro Garage, Williams Street early 1960s (ca)

Dayboro Garage, Williams Street early 1960s (ca)

Dayboro Garage, which was located between the butcher shop and Sugarmill Creek, was transferred to F.F.A. & K.A. Kelly & L.A. Fealy on 10th February 1954. 

The business was established by Norm Clay in 1924.  It was originally known as Clay Motors and later changed to Dayboro Garage.  In June 1936 Norm Clay sold the business to James Herriman who only had it for a year before selling it to A. Hamilton and W.G. O’Hara.  Throughout this time the property on which the garage was located was owned by F.E. (Ted) Long who also owned the Butcher shop.  In March 1944 the property was transferred to Wally O’Hara. He sold the property and business to Eric Fry in June 1950.  Eric Fry was a “former continental racing motorist” according to The Telegraph of 22nd May 1951. 

The Dayboro Garage closed in 1964 when Les Fealy and Keith Kelly bought the Golden Fleece garage business from Harold Dowling.  This is where Puma Service Station is now located.  Harold Dowling had sold the property to H.C. Sleigh & Co. in 1961 but kept running the garage. 

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