Dayboro & District Bowling Club – late 1940s (ca)

Dayboro & District Bowling Club – late 1940s (ca)

A meeting was held on 15th March 1945 to form a bowls club in Dayboro and a committee elected.  The first official meeting of the Dayboro & District Bowling Club was held on 22nd March 1945 with John Kelly President, Win Henzell and Rody Cruice Secretaries and George Currie Treasurer.  

The first game played on the green was on Sunday 9th June 1946, 75 years ago. TheTelegraph of 14th June 1946 reported “…Dayboro club had its first game on its green last Sunday and veteran member of the new green’s committee Paul Maggs, made the trip up for the big day for the Dayboro men…”  

They had a practice day the week before on Sunday 2nd June 1946.  

The club was not officially opened until 21st December 1946.

A ladies club was formed in October 1946 but was not registered until November 1947.