Dayboro Day Parade 2009 – Ken Gold

Dayboro Day Parade 2009 – Ken Gold’s Chevrolet one tonner

​Some years ago Ken Gold, author of the book The Boy from Samsonvale published in 2013acquired Dave Pringle’s Chevrolet one tonner (believed to be a 1927 model).  It had sat under Dave Pringle’s house at Kobble Creek for many years and the white ants had eaten out the wooden spokes.  Ken faithfully restored the vehicle and brought it along to the Dayboro Day Parade for the first time in 2007. The Chevvy has appeared in the Dayboro Day Parade every year since then.  In this photo from ten years ago Ken is driving and his passenger is his daughter Jenny.

​Ken Gold passed away on 11th March 2019, aged 87, and he will be buried in Samsonvale Cemetery on Thursday 14th March 2019 bringing the boy from Samsonvale back to Samsonvale.