“Dayboro Cottage” is 120 years old

“Dayboro Cottage” is 120 years old

This is a snip from a larger 1917 photograph.  “Dayboro Cottage” is the middle one of three sawmill workmen’s cottages built in 1900.

The Brisbane Courier of 30th June 1900 reported that Mr. Storie, a well-known Brisbane contractor, had purchased the saw mill at Terrors Creek.  The Brisbane Courier of 31st July 1900 reported that Mr. Storie “…was pushing on with extensive alterations and improvements…There is now in course of erection a large drying shed…besides three workmen’s cottages and a store…”

 Other buildings in the photograph are (from top left) Crown Hotel, Cruice Bros. Butchers, Excelsior Hall, store owned by John Warburton, the 3 workmen’s cottages and sawmill buildings.  The house on the right is now occupied by Me Real Estate and next to it is the E.S.& A. Bank.  There are also telephone poles.

In late 1984 the cottage was acquired by the Pine Rivers Shire Council as a place for the Division Three Councillors to meet with residents.  It became known as “Dayboro Cottage” and was officially opened on 19th December 1986.

Dayboro District Historical Society Inc has been running the Dayboro Information Centre in “Dayboro Cottage” since 14th July 2009, although members have been volunteering there since 2004.