Dayboro Community Hall – 2008

Dayboro Community Hall – 2008

​Dayboro Community Hall is constructed on 2 levels.  The lower level was the original section.  The first Orange Hall, constructed near the corner of LaceysCreek and Mt. Pleasant Roads in the 1870s, had outlived its usefulness and a new Orange Hall was constructed in the township.  It was officially opened on 31st December 1908. 

​The Loyal Orange Lodge sold the hall to the “citizens of Dayboro” in October 1936 for £200 [$400].   A Dayboro Public Hall and School of Arts Committee was formed.  The property was registered in the name of Dayboro School of Arts on 1st January 1937. The task of running the hall was vested in three trustees.  

The Courier Mail of 24th April 1937 recorded “…Plans for enlarging the Dayboro Public Hall to twice its present size were submitted to the hall committee at its monthly meeting…”  The Dayboro Public Hall and School of Arts was opened on 14th November 1937.