Dayboro Butter Factory 1976

Dayboro Butter Factory 1976

The Courier Mail of 2nd December 1965 reported


A fire in the old Dayboro Butter Factory late last night caused damage estimated at £1500 ($3000).

Mr. A.E. Henzell, Chairman of the Dayboro Co-operative Dairy Association Ltd, said the boiler and engine rooms at the rear of the building were destroyed.

The main factory wall also was damaged and Mr. Henzell said this could cause the roof to cave in.  The cause of the fire is unknown.

The Petrie Brigade which travelled 11 miles to the fire saved the front section of the factory.

Since July 1 this year the factory has been closed.  The remainder of the factory will now be pulled down.”

Fortunately the building was not pulled down.  For some time it was used as a storage facility for the adjacent garage.  During the 1980s the Show Society ran weekly Sunday markets in and around the building.  At the present time it is a business hub with at least nine businesses operating from the premises.