Dayboro 1936

Dayboro 1936

​This week’s photograph is reproduced courtesy of the Queensland Energy Exhibition Centre, Highfields Pioneer Village & Museum. 

​It is an absolutely wonderful photograph (note the horse in the right foreground)  of Dayboro at the time the City Electric Light Company completed the installation of electricity to the town in 1936.  

​The community dip yard in the left foreground certainly looks in good condition.  The butter factory office just across the creek has already been doubled in size from when the original creamery building was built in 1896/97.  Entangled Café now occupy this building.

​Only one house can be seen up on the hill in Roderick Street (almost in the centre of the photo), the retirement home built for Jacob and ChristenieEnchelmaier from Laceys Creek in the early 1920s.  The building near the top of the hill (left of centre) was the Dayboro Private Hospital from 1932 until 1939.  Dayboro District Historical Society Inc has a list of names of some 30 or more babies born in that hospital, quite a number of whom are still residing in the district.

​The three buildings (top right) are in the school grounds – the head teacher’s residence, the Dayboro State School and the play shed.